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The dangers of brain fog

Just wanted to vent and share my latest "brain fog" enterprises... We are finally getting some cooler weather here so I thought soup was in order (leek and zucchini, in case you wondered...) Anyway I finished the boiling and then started putting it through the blender. Then - enter fog here - blended the (boiling) soup without putting a lid on the blender first. Bloody everywhere, including on me. Hideous. So glad I has a long sleeve top on but has taken skin off my wrist, arm, chest. Feel mighty peeved over the whole thing. How bloody stupid? Tried to explain to my parents but they can't understand how I can be so absent minded. Is it just me? At work I had to adjust what I do (thanks to the wrist burn) and my boss (who only a week ago saw me close my car door on my hand) said in front of everyone "Jasmin, you are the clumsiest person I know". She knows I have MS, so I felt like shaking her, I mean how tactless?!? It is tactless isn't it? It's not just me? I feel like a walking liability.