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MS + Asthma + Steroids + Weight + Health

Hello All. Had a rough year so far and just need to rant. Feel free not to read, but posting helps! Have been on prednisalone now for 3weeks (for asthma, not MS, though the MS is playing nice because of it). Spent 4days in hospital after 2 mega asthma attacks (in public..) (was in respiratory acidosis) and now it seems to be improving but generally I feel like I've been dragged through the mud backwards. I feel bloated and horrible. Put on more weight (oh, the joy!) and know its bloody harder to loose then gain, but know also I HAVE to loose weight, else that will kill me too. I'm sick of my body trying to eat itself (brain, spine, lungs), and have been on steroids at least every 2 months for the last 2 years. Why oh why won't my immune system just calm itself down and stop trying to kill me?!?!? Ahhhhhh!!!!