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Anyone else on Plegridy?

I've seldom heard about Plegridy here on Shift. Why does it seam to be so unpopular? I'm on this medicine and doing very well, and would love to exchange/read opinions of other users or any knowledge someone may have about it. Thank you.



@jamandbread Hi under your post above you'll see some boxes relating to some of the things you mentioned. Click on them and it'll take you to other posts made about it.



Thank you @highlander I'll do that. But I think there is very few info and/or old one :( I guess I did check the box related to Plegridy once. I'll look again maybe there are some news :)



I'm on pleg, doing fine with it. Maybe its unpopoular due to needles or perhaps due to it being not of the highest efficacy? Either way, its good for me and I've got past most of the side effects by now so don't really think about it much.



@wheelrunconflux, thank you for the feedback. I'm also doing fine with Plegridy and the shots I give to myself every 15 days don't bother me. The side effects also went away, except a very mild cold that is perfectly bearable. I guess it's not considered with highest efficacy, don't know why. It was great efficacy to me and to you :) Thanks again, take care xx



@jamandbread If you click the box that says Plegridy at the bottom of your original post you'll find 350+ posting here. I'd venture to suggest that beta-interferon is largely unused these days because it is considered very underpowered compared to the range of available treatments. Additionally - this is why I came off beta-interferon back in the early C21 - it is a known known that you gradually build up neutralising antibodies thus reducing the already low efficacy further still. What were considered newer and less proven in clinical practice meds are now entirely commonplace. That said: getting swapped in the middle of Covid-19 is tougher anless you are relapsing.