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Coronavirus - Fear - Anxiety

Hi all, I assume we are all in the same boat with regards to coronavirus. As Boris said yesterday, people like us are to prepare for 12 weeks isolation. I cant think of anything worse. I am so lonely, I have a boyfriend but if I am isolating obviously cant see him. I am having a bit of a panic really. How has everyone else been coping?



@hope7741 - Hi there. All is not lost ;) WhatsApp Video, Skype, FaceTime are all excellent ways to feel more in touch than just a phone call. You have Internet so you have them. I looked at your profile and it says that you do not take an immunosuppressant. Any other health conditions aside there is no evidence that you are at greater risk from contracting Covid-19. I say this guardedly as who's first thought on changing treatments is to update their Shift.ms profile! There is nothing to panic about as we are all - I mean the whole population - is going to get this. Like many others, I am self-isolating for the moment as I am disease free and want to keep it that way as long as possible. If I ever do the hospital then I'd prefer not to go in the middle of a spike in demand. What will happen in the huge majority of cases is that you'll come down with the crappy flu that lasts 6-10 days. You have to drink loads of water, weak tea, that kind of stuff, stay in bed, take paracetamol - the latest advice seems to be to stay away from Ibuprofen (Brufen) and naproxen (Voltarol) which are both NSAIDS - rest etc. The lockdown etc is all because the human race has at present no means of controlling the spread. We need to do our part like you are to slow the progress. Keep up the good work, humanity thanks you ;), and stay connected here, Twitter (I am @DJS_KBO and am connected to a ton of good folks these), Facebook etc. You'll be good. Best, Dom



Loads of community groups have got together to help people who are self isolating. Check this link to see if your area is covered https://freedomnews.org.uk/covid-19-uk-mutual-aid-groups-a-list/ Also check nextdoor.com as my area has lots of help / support happening. Link up with others self isolating from this group. Set up a what’s app group, have group Skype chats etc. I am hoping that one good thing that may come out of this is people may get to know their neighbours better. Good luck



Thank you everyone xx



Are you all being told it will be a 12 week isolation? Nothing being said about that here in Ontario, Canada. We did declare a state of emergency today and are told to stay home, which I have already been doing since last week. Agree that keeping in contact with people is key! I moved my MS support group meeting to a video chat last week and will do it again for the next one. Also places like shift, and social media is a great way to keep in touch. And facetime!



Just posted up a live-stream with Dr Boster for tonight at 7 PM EST...so like NY City time I told him that for us extroverts this isolation thing is pretty tough ;-) so what can we do socially and to exercise, etc. and extra thoughts regarding Dr visits, DMTs and appointments. I think in all the countries there is different advice. In the US the kids are starting to stay home from school and we are "social distancing"...not sure that will stop the spread but hopefully slow it so that we don't overwhelm the health facilities,