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MRI results after 1 year on Rebif (44 mcg)

Hi guys! I don't post much, but I'm always reading! I thought I'd share my most recent experience with MS. Yesterday I had a MRI and met with my doc after to review the scans and do physical tests/blood tests. This MRI was one-year since staring Rebif (44 mcg). I've never missed a shot and haven't had any new exacerbations, so really, I've been feeling really good/positive! Turns out, my MRI showed two, possibly three new lesions (in addition to the others/black holes). My doc thinks its best that they monitor me with MRI every 6 months instead of annually. There was a short period of just over a month from my last MRI (late November '12) the time I began therapy (early January '12) so the lesions could have been from before meds but there's no way in knowing. Has anyone else gotten lesions after a year (or more) on therapy? Did you switch therapies?