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Anxiety getting out of hand

I have just started a new job recently and the anxiety of going in each day is getting worse. It’s a promotion in a new facility but I now feel that I am not ready now (despite working towards it for over 3 years). My 2 deputy managers are also quite negative and I don’t feel this is helping with me properly settling in as all I can think is that they believe I’m not right for the job. I’ve always been a nervous/anxious person but nothing on this level. Each time I’ve visited my MS nurse she has mentioned to bear in mind I’m more susceptible to depression/anxiety and I don’t know if because it’s being mentioned 3/4 times I’ve now got it in my head! I have an appointment with my GP this week as i haven’t been able to eat properly or relax since starting. I keep telling myself I’m over-thinking and over-reacting about nothing but it is making me physically sick. I’ve downloaded a number of different apps that help with meditation and anxiety and it works for maybe an hour, but it soon comes back to me. It’s becoming a real struggle just to get by day to day and I’m dreading seeing people because I know they are going to ask about my new job! Has anyone else experienced this and have any advice.