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Cardiac symptoms.

hi there hope everybody is doing okay. I just wondered if there’s anybody out there that had the similar symptoms as me.I was diagnosed last October after presenting with what looked like cardiac problems. I’ve been seen by a cardiologist because my symptoms started with shortness of breath, fast heart rate, and erratically high blood pressure, dizziness, blurred vision poor ordination and tremors or body jerks as I called them. I had an 24 hour ECG tape, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and cardioecogram. lots of blood work which all showed my heart was okay. I was then referred to the neurologist after more blood tests to rule out Lupus or infection, visual evoked test showing nothing, I then had MRI brain and spine which showed 1 lesion on each ( brain lesion being approx 7 years old) which led to my diagnoses of MS. My neurologist and my MS nurse can’t explain to me why I have these cardiac symptoms. Nine months on I still get the symptoms on and neurologist and MS nurse can’t explain why, they said that I am an unusual MS patient, Does anybody else have these cardiac problems. TIA.