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Trying everything to help Fatigue

Hello everyone, My name is Hannah :) Ive been going through this relapse for about 4 weeks now, my main symptom is dare we say... Fatigue! And muscle weakness too. I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to try and shift this feeling.. I exercise daily (light exercises:- step ups, squats, light yoga and an exercise my physio gave me.. enough to get my heart rate up) as well as going for short daily walks. I eat a good vegan diet (no I'm not deficient in anything I've checked lol) I also make sure I consume anti-inflammatory based foods too.. I rest but I also make sure I don't over rest, I make sure I don't get too hot etc etc etc.. But I find that when I do longer activities such as, go for a coffee with a friend or walk further than I'm used to.. then I'm floored for either a few hours or sometimes a day.. I try really hard to push through it sometimes but at the moment it's just not working. I remain optimistic and positive, however I've also been off work for now almost 4 weeks and I'm starting to feel guilty... Feeling that I need to make more of an effort.. feeling lazy even though I'm really trying.. I'm lucky that work are supportive.. but how long until they get fed up? Fed up cause I'm off cause of fatigue (in their eyes just tired) and muscle weakness. I can't give them an answer of when I'm going to be back, just that I'm trying my hardest to get better as quickly as I can... I just feel like I'm on an never ending uphill climb of a mountain and the too seems so far away. Any advice or just a chat would be most appreciated :-) I think also because I'm able to now do a few things around the house that surely I'm able to go back to work?! But then when I do larger activities my body just shows me that I'm not ready. Thank you :-)