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Problems getting treatment

Hi all Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems getting there treatment? I was diagnosed in March after a terrible relapse leaving me temporarily paralysed. I have recovered pretty much thankfully. I had an MRI in May which showed further lesions to my brain and drs decided I needed to go on Lemtrada, the new infusion treatment. Very lucky to be offered it but then my dr said it could rake a couple of months to set up being as it was new. That was in august and I'm still waiting. I have spoken to the complaints dept at qe in birmingham. They have been chasing and said they are having a meeting this week. I have now contacted my local mp to get this pushed through. My dr won't allow me back to work till I have had treatment so not only is my health at risk but my finances while I'm waiting. Obviously I don't want to suffer another relapse the same or worse while waiting like my dr predicted I would suffer in 6-12 months from diagnosis as my MRI was so bad. Has anyone else suffered same problems or know what else I can do. I don't like sitting around waiting anymore. Sorry to Moan on Thanks Han x