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Falling and laughing?

I have RRMS. I work full time. I do always feel imbalanced and ungainly. I cope. I was at a Christmas meet up with friends on Friday. I fell off one of those bar stools onto the floor. It wasn’t painful or anything. I wasn’t even embarrassed. I’m just really, really frustrated with myself. When you are in the pub and this happens, people just assume you are drunk. And I most definitely wasn’t. I took my time, assessed my surroundings and still fell. I do not want to miss out on such social occasions. Last night I saw an FB post about someone I knew way back who had had a fall, suffered a brain bleed and was in an induced coma. Given what happened to me on Friday I am now acutely aware of what might’ve happened. I am worried of whats ahead and just wanted to ask others about their experiences and how they go about controlling things. I see meet ups, the pub and enjoying a drink as my main reward for coping with MS, but...