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Does having ms mean that I will inevitably end up in a wheelchair? I know it’s different for everyone and there is no definite answer but In general does it mean that eventually I will? I’m 21 and currently have no symptoms Other than some tingling if I excercise and I find it hard to accept That I even have ms never mind the thought of not being able to walk etc but it always plays on my mind when I’m trying to sleep or if my friends mention anything about their futures because I’m uncertain of mine and have nobody I can relate to. It would be nice if anyone a bit younger with ms could reach out just to have someone that understands a little or if anyone diagnosed with ms at a younger age could share their experience I know I need to stop worrying about ms while I’m still fully able to do everything as if I don’t have it and need to start living my best life again so if anyone is up for Going to a rave festival or any other shit hmu😂😂 Is there an average amount of time people go with out relapsing? Like how many years can I go with being disability free? Or an average out of time before I will see changes in my mobility? Is diet important should I make changes? I take vit D is there anything else I could take to help?