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Covid-19 / coronavirus

I’m going in to panic mode a little bit There have been 10 confirmed cases in my local area and a little scared. Am I more at risk having had my first ocrevus infusion in jan/feb



There has been a lot of discussion on this within the last couple of weeks. If you use "Corona" for your search in the upper left and/or click your tag under your post you will see them. Some also snuck in under Covid19. Good discussion on whole TCell and DCell interactions which I have an accounting/systems brain so doesn't make as much sense to me as financial models do ;-0 but good input from people in that area such as dominics. He also had a good interview posted recently which will be the first one that pops up with a Corona as your search word. I am due for my first full infusion on April 15th and earlier this week (so my half doses were last fall) the message from my Neuro was that it is my choice if I want to go ahead or delay a month. I think I will likely to go for it and basically self-isolate. I'm not working right now so can pretty much hole up at home and avoid going out. The weather will be improving and then I can get outside here at home. Daughters grad party is the end of May...that is likely my biggest risk I suppose...I may just need to hang back and establish a parameter around me ;-) Are you able to stock up and self-quarantine? How are you feeling?



Yes, the best thing to do now is to store up food and meds. Don't go out if you don't need to. COVID-19 is really happening.