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Urgent advice on steroids

About 6 weeks ago i had a relapse affecting my hands and legs. My neuro gave me steroids but asked me to wait a few days before taking them to see if my body could improve on its own. Anyway that weekend my legs improved but not hands. My neuro nurse said because my legs were better that was a sign I could get better without the steriods so i choose to not take them. This week a i got foot drop which i think is another relapse. I rang my nurse to tell her and she told me I could take my steriods if my foot got worser by Saturday. What my nurse is saying is that its up to me and I don't know what to do. I want the relapse to get better soon as this is the 7th week ive been unable to use my hands and now I have foot drop. Ive heard steriods are horrible and my nurse has warned me a will feel unwell. What shall i do? Take steriods and be unwell or don't take them and let my body naturally heal?