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MS dizziness? How does it feel?

Hello everybody, I was wondering how does dizziness commonly present itself in MS? Could it last only a few seconds, and feel like a feeling of being on the verge to... maybe faint... or feeling a bit lightheaded but without having the world spinning around you? I had that feeling about five days ago, and again today, and both times it lasted for about 10 seconds... I must said that I haven't eaten much, so maybe that played a role as well, with the heat, both times. I have had a history of sensory symptoms for a couple of months, which all resolved (pretty much) now. I also had a month ago one brain MRI, one full spine MRI, and two evoked potentials, as well as a EEG, which all came back clear. So I am a bit confused at the moment... Wishing everyone a good day, and thank you in advance for those who gently take the time to answer me. Earth