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Electric shock pain

I've started getting horrible electric shock like pains in my left arm, sometimes going across my chest and sometimes up my head. Each zap only lasts two seconds but it is honestly the worst pain I've ever had. I had about 15 within half an hour last Friday evening then last Saturday evening. The ms nurse told me to get checked out for an infection as this can sometimes cause new syptoms so I started antibiotics yesterday for a possible viral infection. I had a couple of zaps before sleep last night at 11pm then woke at 2.30 am with one. I'd been dreaming I was having lots of them so think I was having them in my sleep. Anyway, I've been averaging one every two minutes since then and it is now 4.20am. I called nhs 24 and they told me to try painkillers as they might work so I took 2 paramol an hour ago but nothing. I'd really appreciate any advice because this is unbearable!!