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12/07/13 @ 13:00 My life changed!

Hi everyone, I got a positive DX today RRMS! I've cried for 5 hours straight and am still on and off. I went to the hospital, my sister came with me. My neuro came out with a nurse and called me in, my sister said "whos that" about the nurse, the neuro said "this is Verity out Mmmmm" then she shut up so I said "she's an MS nurse" as we were walking down a hallway the nurse turned around and said "one of them, yeah" and that is how I was told I have MS. I'm currently mourning the loss of the life I would have had, and living in fear of the life I will now have in it's place. People have said the cliche sayings to try and make me feel better but I'm not at all interested in hearing that. I don't want to manage my health, i don't want to change & adapt and be happy that I can sort of do something that I previously took for granted. On top of that I'm expected to make a decision about DMD's and I have no idea what the hell is going on. Right now, this very second, I would rather die than live like this!