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Does anyone else get this?

(I think this is a good title for many of the posts on here!). Over the years that I've had MS, I've had a lot of discomfort in my neck. I'm constantly trying to "crack it" to get some relief (people have commented that it looks like I'm trying to break my own neck). I now can't wear necklaces or scarves as this causes a lot of discomfort. The sensation is hard to explain, (aren't they always), but it can spread up the back of my head causing Dysesthesia, and all down my right hand side including my leg. I am recently finding that wearing my glasses is doing the same thing! Just on the right hand side. The arm of my glasses, where it touches my head above the ear, is causing the same thing. So....was just hoping someone else is going to say "ah yes....I get that!"



Sorry- can't say that I have experienced that ;-0 but we are all special unicorns with our own symptoms. It could be the position of your lesions cause these symptoms. It seems that much of the battle with MS is managing the residual issues we are left with from the lesions. There has been a lot of information on our "neurological reserve" so how our brain manages to rewire around damaged areas and as long as it can keep doing these repairs we can recover from the relapses. I also do IT Systems type of work in ERPs on the accounting end of the platform. So the concept makes sense...the brain keeps trying to recode to make things work but can get too snarled up if there is too much damage. At one point a few fingers on my left hand (pinky finger spreading to middle finger) would kind of fall asleep and when it resolved (usually within minutes) the fingers would be burning like I was just handling nettles...like a very allergic reaction. I would rub them and itch them and massage them...ughhh...and then it would fade away. I complained to my Neuro about it and he said that it wasn't MS...go see a GP for an exam. I did and she sent me off to massage and recommended massage, I stayed in a sitting/chair position too much of the day and needed to extend. I have a friend that is an excellent masseuse and she said the issue was with my 1st rib not staying in place and I needed to see a chiro. He adjusted me and said I needed PT and strengthening of my shoulders and core. I then felt I could follow up on the yoga recommendation. So I did the weekly yoga with the instructor and some at home and also went to the belly dance class at the gym because it looked fun and I was always interested. I was very bad at it ;-0 but we all had fun and laughed and moved and shimmied. So many of the moves involve the shoulders with the arms raised to the sides and core so it was likely more helpful then the yoga and very fun ;-) How can we prompt our body to rewire and resolve these symptoms? I think motion/exercise helps to make the body try to use the damaged area and a good diet and nutrients so our body has the tools to do the repair. I'm not totally into the Terry Wahl diet or the SMS or any of the others but I think there is something to dietary changes (depending on the historical diet) and exercise that will help our body repair the damage. We moved 8 years ago and I never really established a good GP locally although my husband nagged me endlessly. He thought I should find a "functional GP" to get what I needed but their first available appointment was like in a year! Then I saw in the paper a new "integral" Dr was added to our local clinic so I jumped on her schedule. She had dietary recommendations that I could easily incorporate. I'm pulling back a bit on "animal proteins" and adding things like nuts and beans. I still make sure I have at least one good protein meal a day. It wasn't too hard to incorporate and I've lost about 10 lbs through the summer so that is all positive. I could lose another 10 to put me closer to ideal BMI. Not sure if you have a good Dr in addition to your Neuro but am glad I pushed down that path as my fingers issue may have been partly due to MS but resolving the 1st rib position issue and strengthening my core really managed the symptom. I used to be a very active horse rider so had great core strength...when my daughter was born I basically had no time to ride anymore between her and working full time so my physical condition really took a tumble. But I'd push to find what you can do to resolve using several angles...



I get this in my neck and I feel like I'm going to snap my neck trying to get relief. It's when I'm having a bad day usually and it's my "signal" to slow down