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Hi folks - feel odd being here online...

I say odd 'cos i have hung back for a while and "lurked" so i feel like a bit of a fraud. My story started with my second episode of optical neuritis, first was 14yrs ago. I am told in have benign random repeating and have some things going for me - i am male and 49 so i am lucky that the onset is late in life and spaced over time. I will go on record that, in my case, stress is a big part. Not going into detail but 2 BIG stress occasions and 2 episodes. Funny but my life changed after episode 1 and i only found out why last month with my MS diagnosis! funny world really isn't it! Have a meeting with my local Dr soon and have been given Folic acid to take on my neurologist advice. By the way my next appointment with the neuro is for a year from now! Things must be good! right?. Les