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The first full 600 tomorrow!

Looking forward to my enforced rest day with drug induced temporary snooziness. Having been Dx'd for 26y, Ocrelizumab is my 4th DMT. Rebif and Copaxone are so very yesterday - had them both back in the day - then Tecfidera until Ocrelizumab was licensed back in Dec 18. I had my first hit Jan 5th this year. I have always agitated to be on the best drug available as soon as I could. Perhaps I am just lucky, perhaps my 'ignore it best I can' approach has helped but acknowledging it enough to get the drugs. Who knows? I have given up on hopes of a cure being discovered in time to help me (am 50 now), but there is no damn way I am giving up. I so wish that the drugs available now were available when I was Dx'd. Despite a v long chat today with my nurse of 15y, and she not being wholly convinced, I am at least going to the HSCT open day in London next Sat. There are no other options left. Not that I'm sad, just hacked off that I'd have to undergo the hassle of stem cells.