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Everyone, help please!

Hi, I really need the help of regular everyday people with MS. I am writing an application to do a Doctorate that is looking explicitly into the patient side of MS. It is at the Nuffield School of Primary Health at Oxford and is a scholarship. I have not got it yet and have two more weeks to write the research proposal part of the application WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP - PLEASE I am interested in anything you can tell me - it is all confidential and I don't need the gory details - about two things: 1 - how you feel the Doctors and Nurses helped you choose your medicine. 2 - how comfortable you feel about understanding the risks that MS poses to you and the MS drugs may pose to you. THANK YOU in advance. I am very grateful. If you don't want to write it in public then send me a Friendship request and then send me a message. Best, Dominic