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Leg Issue - Numbness

Hi, I am new to the site and was diagnosed with RRMS 1 month ago approximately. I went into the hospital on 4/24/17 and after 3 MRI's for validating, I was told the dx. I have been dealing with my right side from waste down being numb, it got much worse after I was discharged from the hospital. Has anyone experienced that? My full leg, ankle foot, hip, buttock, and nether regions :( ; all numb! It feels like swollen to the point of no feeling, yet it hurts to touch or if I bump something, or a frozen feeling? There is no swelling though, just all the feelings like it is. What am I dealing with do you guys think? Has any one else had this type of numbness? It started in one spot on my thigh a week after hospital stay, and has moved through the whole side below my waist. I am so worried it's something else as well as the MS? All of this is scaring me and I am still having a hard time processing this life changing diagnosis. I could really use someone to tell me their similarities. I know we are all different though, but so many of us are here, maybe someone has my same experience? Thanks for reading, Diane