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Frustration and Anxiety

Hi my name is Diana and I don't know who to turn to! I have so much to say but it's hard to get it all out. I am not diagnosed but seeing a MS neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic Mellon Center. A little of my story... In November I hurt my back at work, it was spasms and strain. I was going to therapy at a chiropractic's. December 7 had my first ever massive migraine. Woke up and left side of mouth, tongue and gums numb. I had problems with feet tingling for years just thought my back had issues. Also had electric shock sensation in back of neck since 19. Thought that was from neck issues. After December 7th incident went to drs he ran a sed rate and it was high. Couple of weeks later went to rumatologist. Everything came back good. Next went to neurologist.. Brain MRI neck MRI lumbar MRI . nothing except 3 small pedunculated white matter lesions. I also had problems with my vision .. Hard to follow things and irritated. Went to neuro optimologist weeks later. Eyes are better just some photophobia. He says no optic nuritis. Also hard to concentrate. Weird sensations in body with tingling. That neurologist said he couldn't rule out ms at this time. So I go to a ms specialist.... OK present day just had a follow up appt. Monday. I was nursing my son and now that he is weaned want to start gabapentin. Neurologist at Melon center says they don't see MS and I have most of anxiety and should see family doctor. I asked him if I am in the right place for my symptoms . He says yes they see people all the time with weird tingling and its all benign. He said I have a lot going on with work and kids and maybe should talk to therapist for tools on stress and anxiety management. That it will help the tingling sensations. The tingling in my mouth is constent. I can't talk to my family or friends I tried in the beginning but they were not very comforting.. I feel alone and lost and don't want to take anxiety meds. I will give the gabapentin a try. I have also had spinal tap all normal. I did have low vit d and take supplements. If I don't have ms what is this and could it be anxiety?