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Stroke vs ms

Went to A an E a few weeks ago with usual symptoms numbness down left side ! blurred vision in left eye and a few other things Im already waiting for a neurogy appointment before this visit .they were treating me for a stoke had ct scan and other test ect and let me go home because bloods were good and a few days later had a brain MRI 2 weeks later got a letter saying that there is no sign of a stroke or history of a stroke ( i already knew this because ive had symptoms for years !!) Im sure id be dead by now !!! Nothing mentioned about anything eles !! Does this mean that they didnt spot any other lesions !! Or abnormalities or do they only look for stroke signs !! Surely she would of said if there was anything eles ?????? Still got a 5 month wait to see neurogist !!! Anybody eles experienced this ?? Xx
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