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My calf’s feel like I have run a race (not a marathon, because I have never done that, 😂). They are achey. Is it spasticity or maybe a lack of salt🤷‍♀️? I have been waking up early in the morning with calf cramps. It is very hot 🥵 in the UK. I guess I could increase salt and see. Does it sound like spasticity?



Maybe see if you can try Botox , I have it every 3 months , it does help. I had this through a referral to the pain relief clinic.



👍 thanks



Im in Australia ,I to suffer from leg cramps and calf tightness im on baclophen but im not seeing a massive change. And now because of tight calf's I have tendinitis in my chilles. Rant over.... jeeeezz sometimes I feel like I complain but it makes life just so much harder.




Thank you for your replies. Botox and baclofen 👌



@Clary I get this and I take a magnesium supplement before I go to bed and use a magnesium spray on them before I get in bed. It doesn't completely stop it but makes it a bit better I think!