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What's the difference? MS types.

It's meant to be a slightly ironic title to this post. I do understand the difference between types. I have PPMS, been living with symptoms for 18 months ish, got properly diagnosed just last month. That's the thing really, I often feel weirdly lucky to have this type as I imagine RRMS being a worse type to live with, I have learned to accept things as they come, for instance I now walk with a stick permanently, I miss lots of things like running or riding a bike, or kicking a ball around with my Son in the garden. I miss those things terribly but have learned to say goodbye to them, not much point in doing anything else really. I hear stories of people with RR who are barely able to stand for weeks/months at a time, then able to return to work until the next relapse, seems like a form of psychological torture, to be mostly able, then periodically incapacitated. I originally joined this site to be able to get a greater understanding of what we all have and to have people understand me in ways that only someone else with MS could. So please if you can spare the time add your views on any of this. I would dearly like to hear what people have to say. P.s Thanks for reading my waffle.