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Newbie, diagnosed, worried!

Hi all. It's my first post and I'm sort of... shy. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Had my left eye almost blind and went to ophthamlmologist who decided to ask for an MRI (I told her I had diplopia 10 years before and she had a patient with a similar story that had MS). It was confirmed, so I went to a neurologist. He wanted me to go to hospital on Steroids. But I decided to get more opinions (and make net search, of course), just to find out that all neurologists wanted me to take heavy medicine, which I prefer to avoid as much as I can, while I can. In the meanwhile my eye recovered, to almost the same as before. Only a slight blur and not constant, I could see very well. I went to a homeopath who also makes electro acupuncture, so he could see all my weakness points and gave me natural meds for all. I keep going there every 5 or 6 months and am doing fine. Yes, I sometimes have needles and pins in my hands, I'm very aware of what fatigue means on a daily basis (never was before, even as a hard worker), and I feel my left leg weird, like if I was going to limp a bit, but never really limping at all. This happens only if I walk too much and specially when it's cold. That's all. Other than these annoying symptoms I make my life normally. Sleep, play, dance, run, only feel exhausted, but I can do everything. Now I'm worried!!!!! Very, very worried, to be honest. What if I should do that hard medicine? What if something huge happens that spoils everything just because I am doing nothing more than a healthy nutrition and nice supplements? Any opinions? Anybody else in a similar condition? Any help will be very much appreciated, thanks. Paz (Portuguese name meaning Peace)