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I am so scared. I am on my own and have developed MS symptoms. I have not been diagnosed yet, but am having some blood tests tomorrow. I don't think I will be able to deal with a diagnosis. I keep wondering if this is it. I tried another forum but no-one replied, and that made me feel doubly alone. I am a teacher in the UK. It started a week ago (and probably much earlier) with pins and needles in my hand and feet. Now I have hand weakness and my skin itches everywhere including my lips. Sometimes I have a shooting feeling in random places and a strange feeling in my eye. I am fatigued all the time. I am terrified and just reaching out for human contact.



Hi @Cathy100 and welcome to the site. I'm sorry you are alone going through this, but you've come to the right place to find people to share experiences and offer support. It's ok to be scared, and sorry to say, but it's probably going to be a little while before you have any answers. Blood tests don't offer a lot of insight when it comes to MS, but they will help to rule out other things. It may take a little while to navigate the healthcare system and get the right tests done and meet the right doctors before you have any clarity. Symptoms like these are often triggered by periods of stress, and I can only imagine how stressful it's been to be a teacher in the last few months. Are you at least on Easter break this week?




@Cathy100 I'm also Cathy but I go by mybnick name Bobbi J So yes you are at a good place here is everyone is respectful friendly and very understanding. I was diagnosed July 2020 so it's still new to me. At first your going to be scarf that's natural as there is so much to deal with. It's going to take MRis and spinal tap to fully determine things. Yes your in for a long haul but be patient and stay strong, everyone here will help you. Questions or just a rant is what this site is all about. I was you in the beginning scarf, uncertain, but with time and understanding it will all make sense. For now my dear hang in there and keep us posted how things are going or how your feeling.šŸ™‚




Hi, just to say that this year has been a lonely one. I am newly diagnosed and I have found this chat group really helpful. I feel less alone. I would love to be able to join a group in my area, but due to covid restrictions everything is on hold. I am talking to an MS counsellor (on line) and I hope this may help me to talk about my worries and feelings. MS is tough. I hope you can find some support soon. Good luck. In the meanwhile we are all here.




@Cathy100 Welcome to the site. You are at the start of your diagnosis, and as mentioned before, you have a couple of more steps before you get confirmation of MS. You could try the MS charities which can be found online, @Clary mentioned a counsellor (good idea), someone to talk to. Lumbar puncture in the UK is not a given, MRIs are the usual diagnosis tool. May I suggest that you settle down with pen and paper, write down all your symptoms, when you noticed them, how they affect you (physically, emotionally, mentally), how long they last, what you have done to deal with them in the past (seen your local GP, sort further medical help etc.). Try and avoid "what if's" until you have an answer from the blood tests, etc. Good luck.



@Cathy100 I can understand your feelings of frustration and confusion concerning your ssymptoms, I too was at a loss thinking, what the hell is going on, why is this happening,, etc. This went on for years before I had several falls and began to lose my speech, eventually receiving a diagnosis of Secondary Progressive MS, needless to say my mind was blown in more ways than one. I live alone and do feel alone at times, I try to not think too much about it all really and try to keep myself occupied as much as possible, my mind that is... Physically I can't do much at all, without having yet another fall. Hopefullly you will receive a diagnosis soon enough and then you can take it from there, one step at a time remember that, best of luck.



Hi @Cathy100 , I fear you may have consulted Dr. Google regarding the symptoms. That's never a good idea. I know, but we all still do it! MS is a notoriously difficult condition to diagnose. MS symptoms do present in various other conditions too, starting with a simple vitamin deficiency. So, it's a case for the Doctors to eliminate the probables then investigating the possibles. Whilst the process ambles along, keep a symptom diary, where you record these medical mysteries, when they started and how long they lasted. This would assist the Doctors and form an integral piece in your personal jigsaw. So, please don't catastrophise. We're all worn down by this pandemic, some more than most, like front line workers, like yourself.




@Cathy100 I am so glad you found this forum. I believe many of us care here and it is so encouraging to know that others are going through the exact same thing. I hope you find comfort in this forum. Because you have not been diagnosed just yet, try not to jump to conclusions. I understand that all the symptoms could line up with MS but it could be something else. Try to keep your mind at bay by thinking positive. MS is different with each individual. I was diagnosed at the age of 18, Iā€™m now 26 and but the grace of God looking at me no one would know I have MS. If it comes back that you do have it, we all are here for you. Try to remain calm.




Hi @Cathy100, great advice above. Just to say also that there are lots of conditions which present with similar symptoms, and the average age for diagnosis is 20s/30s, so it would be quite unusual if you've had no previous symptoms. All the best to you x




Hi @Cathy100, I am sorry you are going through this, and not having answers makes it even more frightening. The differential for generalized tingling is broad and your doctors are probably looking at a list of other conditions to rule out, that's why you needed the bloodwork as a start. For MS the diagnosis relies on clinical history, examination findings, and imaging. An MRI will likely be ordered for you as the next step. They may or may not need to do a lumbar puncture, they didn't with me. Keep us posted and know that you are not alone!




Hi @Cathy100 With the support of this great forum and MS Friends from around the globe you are not alone. You have received great advice from others and all I can add is to try to stay calm and wait for the testing results from your doctors. It will take time and stress honestly makes it worst (I know easier said then done) we have all been where you are. Sending you virtual hugs šŸ¤—



Thanks so much everyone for your caring advice. I can't find a way to reply to you individually, but I really appreciate you getting back to me. This is such a scary time for me.