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Could i have MS ?

So sorry if this is too long. In 2014 i was referred for 2 MRI scans after getting pressure headaches at the back of the head, and pain in my neck. The reports came back saying...(MRI Head): 'There are foci of high signal intensity in the periventricular and subcortical white matter of both hemispheres. These foci are nonspecific. Demyelinating disease, MS is the first option but small vessel disease cannot be excluded completely. And my spine report said i have cervical spondylosis in the C3/C4 to C5/C6 indenting the anterial epidural space. Also narrowing of some cervical neural foramina, bilateral at C3/C4, at C4/C5, the left at C5/C6 and right at C7/T1, that may cause irritation/entrapment. There are prominent intervertebral disk protrusions at T2/T3 and T3/T4 no contact with spinal cord. (phew!!) My docter said i had cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy and White matter lesions, the later being caused possibly by blood pumping into or out of my brain too fast. He really didn't explain anything and kinda steered the conversation to the spondylosis. A couple of years passed and i complained of fatigue and periods of numbness and/or pins and needles, slight spasms/leg jerks also in arms, neck, hip area, headaches, vision problems, slight forgetfulness and new pain in my lower back. I also told him i had bladder issues, contant urge to go to pee, even after going, and some days unable to get signals that i need a pee, for hours and hours, sometimes all day. He said it was due to the spondylosis, and said i have a confused bladder, and referred me for a lumbar mri only. Lumbar scan found a Schmorl's node on the endplate of T11 and disc bulging at L4/L5 with the disc in close proximity to the L5 nerve at the lateral recess causing possible nerve irritation. And minor facet joint degeneration at L5/S1. So i understand the spine report and the lumbar but not the head report. Now in 2018 i still have bladder problems, bad fatigue, bigger spasms/twitches, constant bouts of numbness/pins and needles in face arms legs. Days where i'm too hot/cold, night sweats, blurred vision at times, got terrible memory problems and have trouble with recollection, temper problems, i get dizzy, especially outside, i have balance issues, nausea, anxiety, baths make me feel weird, depression and i've slowed down a lot. I'm worried that they might be concentrating too much on my spine as to whats going on in my head and missing possible MS. The only member in my family to have MS was my aunt (Mum's side), she had severe MS, wheelchair bound and unfortunately died due to complications relating to the disease, and recently my dad has been getting mobility problems and dizzyness and memory issues. My doctor says " Soldier on " when i asked what can i do ? So is it possible i might have MS (amongst many other issues, lol) ? Any advice or an explanation about my mri would be great. I am new here today, and please forgive me if i am slow to reply. Hope this wasn't too boring and long. Kind regards CK