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Being on Tysabri while JCV+....How do you think about the risk?

Hi everyone, I've had MS for about a year and half and thankfully am in good health, but despite no symptoms my most recent scan showed a lot of activity, so I'm now on Tysabri. I'm JCV+ unfortunately, which means my risk of developing PML will increase to 1 in 5000 within the next two years, and then more after that in years to come. Tysabri seems to be working well for me (in that I've been symptom free since starting and don't mind the infusions) but the PML risk is really messing with my head. 1 in 5000 doesn't feel small enough for me to relax, and I really don't know how I'll cope (anxiety wise) if/when it increases to the hundreds! Is anyone in the same boat and if so, how do you think about this risk? Any insights greatly appreciated ( :