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Exercise! Well it is January so why not

So I decided I need to get fit..well maybe not fit just slightly more able to walk a flight of stairs in normal breath. Although not entirely necessary as I do live in bungalow...so I can’t fail if the fitness doesn’t improve, can I? My local leisure centre offers a 7 day free trial so the other day I tried a class called body balance, a yoga Pilates and tai chi combo! Then last night I dived in to aqua aerobics. Although slightly still slightly sore I’m feeling so positive about the good effect these exercises will have on my body and mind! I’ve signed up for more and am really determined to make this work. I’ve been suffering more regular pain in my legs recently and just sitting on my backside is not helping me I’m sure! I was rather nervous before attending the classes thinking I would stick out like a sore thumb with my sometimes wobbly balance and rather weak arms and legs. I really shouldn’t have been...everyone has a reason to attend classes, the pool or the gym and most peoples will be similar to mine, illness or not, just get a bit fitter and improve quality of life! I’m so encouraged and positive about this now not just from a physical aspect but mentally too, getting stuck in to something different really takes your mind off all the stresses and strains associated with MS and just life! My job is rather stressful and aqua last night is the only thing in 10 years that has actually been able to kick the stress out of my head at night. It’s a winner for me! If you are thinking about trying some form of new exercise but are scared, anxious or unmotivated I really hope I can help encourage you, and I just know if you give it a go and find the right thing for you you’ll not look back! Don’t let MS stop us!