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I was diagnosed in 2015. I stretch and exercise 5 times per week usually 2 days on an recumbent bike and 3 days full body weight workout. I am struggling with stiffness in my lower back and have been for several years now. Recently I am having a lot of stiffness in my calf muscles and hamstrings. I've seen the doctors, 2 physiotherapists, neurologist, sports therapist, chiropractor etc and I've received conflicting diagnosis from all of them. I read about spasticity and it seems as though it could be what I'm dealing with but my neurologist refuses. Doctor says it's arthritis, neurologist says it's my SI joint. She says if it was spasticity I'd have a hard time walking and my knees wouldn't want to bend. Physio says it's spasticity, chiropractor doesn't know what to think as he is unable to adjust me but looks at an x-ray and says I have very mild arthritis and says it's not uncommon. Most recently I'm working with a sports therapist and she is surprised by how tight my leg muscles are. She hasn't worked a bunch with MS patients and can't really give an opinion on what the issue is. Has anyone had similar symptoms and had a spasticity diagnosis? My doctor gave me a prescription for baclofen but I hesitate to try it after reading the side effects.