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HSCT and JC Virus

Hi everyone! I am 24 and planning for getting HSCT done but a few concerns have been restraining me from doing so... 1) I have secondary progressive MS and do not know if I have any active lesions. (I have read Dr. Richard Burt saying that the transplant is not effective for progressive MS and such people may look for other stem cell therapy options and on some MS page that hsct can help some people with early progressive, if they are still experiencing active inflammation). 2) I have been tested highly positive for JC virus (the index being 3.84) to which my haematologist says that to avoid risks of PML they would not administer Rituximab during the transplant protocol and rather increase the dose of other two (cyclophosphamide and ATG) to compensate. My concern is when Rituximab alone is administered safely even when JC virus is positive and considered safer than ATG (the reason Rituximab can be prescribed by neurologists and not ATG), how safe ATG would be as far as the the risks of JC virus getting reactivated are concerned. I would have trusted the doctor (haematologist) who has been into this for quite some time now without having to apply my mind, but, at the end he says that we are still learning. What if he gets to learn that even ATG is risky during BMT from the standpoint of +ve JC virus. He would learn and I would lose my life. I have MS since 2011 (dx 2015).