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Lemtrada v. Ocrevus w/future pregnancy

Hi there! Hoping to get some advice on which step to take next. I'm 33 and having to stop Tysabri after 2 years due to now being JC positive. I've gotten two opinions from two different neuros re: treatment options. One recommended Lemtrada and the other recommended Ocrevus, leaving me very confused. I'm hoping to become pregnant one day and like the idea that with Lemtrada, at least I know I'd be fairly safe from relapse after my last dose next year (after waiting for my docs okay of course). However, I am very scared of the potential side effects with Lemtrada. I got a second opinion, and this neurologist recommended Ocrevus as she felt it was a safer option. I mentioned my concern about being medication free when trying to become pregnant and was told this is just a risk I would have to take. I'm also uncomfortable with the risk of breast cancer with Ocrevus. I just feel like there is no good option and I have to make a decision very soon. Has anyone had a similar experience knowing they wanted to eventually become pregnant? How have others liked/disliked either of these treatments? Thank you! :)