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Tecfidera - bloating

Hi Everyone, Im on my 2nd week of tecfidera and 1st day of the higher dose. Symptoms wise i've felt fine, felt a little sick thismorning after the higher dose but nothing to stop me being at work. However, i am feeling massively bloated and my stomach is huge! I exercise a lot and eat carefully so there is no other reason for it apart from the pills. Has anyone else had this, and what did you do to rectify it? thanks in advance. x

It's all part of your body getting used to the Tecfidera. It takes 6-8 weeks to settle down completely. I'm 6 months in and still get the odd flush, first few days mad itching and rashes but they disappeared in a few days, but difficult to tell at the moment wether I'm flushing or not because of this heat. I'm 62 and have had the beast for 25 years and everything seems to be go good ok. Usually have 2-3 relapses a year and we're in mid July and nothing do far. Good luck😍


i was on tecfidera for a while and all the symptoms - nausea, flushing, d+ settled down after a while your body gets used to it! good luck- have you tried Buscapan and/or peppermint tea?