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Cycling tales-foot drop?

I was put off cycling for 3 years due to my balance and foot drop related issues but with 2 friends i've managed to trial it the past couple of weeks. I love it! But anyway, this isn't about my reignited love for 2 wheeled transport, just a little thing that I stumbled across along the way. When I was overheating a bit, going up small climbs and things, I was having a dangerous habit of slipping my left foot forward (my weak foot) and it was hitting the tarmac and spilling me onto the ground. Pretty dangerous, especially when you consider cars and the handlebar impaling. This was damaging my confidence and I was thinking about stopping, but last week I bought some half toe clips to fix onto my pedals (they just screw on and hold your foot to stop it falling forward, but you can pull your foot out the sides) They have made so much difference and i'm not scared about my little journeys on my bike now. So yeah, that's a little hint from me for getting out and about if you have some foot drop related issues. I'm just a regular ms-er and ive got walking range of about 2-3miles, but yesterday I did my first 20 mile ride in years. Love and hugs

Sounds awesome! I can imagine how clips help with that issue. I guess is a nice situation where by there's some loss of coordination but main leg muscles maintain strength! Keep pedaling :-)