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Rebif experiences? Good? Bad? Nothing?

Hi. I was diagnosed with MS in 2000 but had barely any symptoms for 10 years so seldom felt the need to see my MS nurse or specialist. I innocently hoped that my diagnosis was either incorrect or 'slight', so I ignored it and did everything – I was a very keen cyclist and runner. But in the past five years I seem to be going downhill rapidly, cycling or even jogging are out of the question. I can barely walk 50 yards, I have to use a scooter or wheelchair when I go out. I now see a consultant annually. Six months ago he put me onto Rebif. I have had very few problems with administering it and have had virtually no side effects, but the problem is that I don't see any changes or stabilisation to my condition either. I seem to be able to walk less than I could achieve six months ago. My question: please can anybody share their experiences of using Rebif?

Hi , I am currently on Rebif after the 6 moths copaxone failed for me. I've been on Rebif for 5 months now and i can't say i feel better or worse it's a straight line. For me a problem is that it's doubling my liver Transaminase every month and now i am being verified for Hepatitis. If that's the case i need to switch to something else. I guess it depends on the individual but from my experience so far it's didn't improve anything just keeping me on the line. Hope that helps somehow. Wish you all the best with it. Cheers!


Hi, I was diagnosed in 2001. I have been on Rebif since 2003. I didn't use to have any major side effects - nothing that you couldn't live with. I also didn't have many relapses so I believe they worked for me for quite long. However, for the past two years, I have noticed that I can walk less and less. The distance that I can walk is shorter and shorter (200-300 meters now). I could walk 5 km a year and a half ago. I spoke to my neurologist a few months ago and we suspect that it's secondary progressive ms now. I am about to make the decision whether to continue taking the medication or not. But it seems that it doesnt help me anymore. I used to like cycling and walking a lot. Now it's just cycling. It seems like we have got the same walking problem. If Rebif doesn't work for you, speak to your doctor about changing the medication. I'm definitely gonna do that. It's so hard to accept that one cannot walk as much as you want. Take care!