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Raising money for Shift.ms - 31/05/2014

Sorry to disappoint you all but I’m not doing anything that requires training or a fancy outfit or any exercise. Kudos to those who run, walk, skydive etc. but I’m doing something different. I'm chopping off my plait. OK not personally chopping (I have a hairdresser to do that on Saturday 31 May) but it is going to be a drastic change of appearance. The hair that will be removed will then be sent to the Little Princess Trust and will be used towards creating wigs for children who have lost their own hair through medical treatment. I want to try and raise some money for Shift.ms so I've set up a JustGiving page in the hope of getting some donations. http://www.justgiving.com/Anne-Brown10 for Shift.ms It would be great if I could get a bit more money. If you think this is not enough of a challenge (it took years to get this much hair!) why not make suggestions for other things that people could do to raise money. Thanks Anne

Less than a week to go now. I've managed to raise more money than I expected but it would be good to get some more. Please share details about the JustGiving page if you would like to help. Maybe I should have made a decision about the short hairstyle before now - I'm still not sure what my new photo will look like next week!