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First Early Symptoms? What were yours?

Hi Everyone! This is my first post. I am not yet diagnosed - waiting for first MRI in a week. I have Lhermitte’s, and a pulsating buzzing that is moving around my body. Started in the lower back then went to thigh and abdomen, then top of feet, then behind the knee. It’s been pretty constant in the belly but otherwise moves around every day or so. Has anyone had anything like this. I’m pretty scared. Thank you Kaly #symptoms

Hi Kaly, It is scary. Like what the freak is going on! It does sound MS like. I will tell you, many MSers are relieved to hear they have MS. I was just happy to know all the craziness was because of an illness and not me losing my mind! Let us know if it is MS, so we can all let you know a bit about the different medications we’ve taken, and remember you’re not alone.


Definitely tingling on both of feet and fingers and vertigo 😵‍💫