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Newbie 🙂

Hi I'm Cloe, recently joined, I have RRMS, meds taken and was diagnosed 2020 after losing partial vision for weeks following the 5 week early arrival of my little one. I feel like it'll be easier to talk amongst others that just get it, get the silent shadow we have with us day to day. I dont have too many symptoms, the usual brain fog, fatigue, restless legs and a god awful collarbone itching that I get when my medication kicks in sometimes numerous hours after I've taken it 🤷🏼‍♀️ But hey ho, it is what it is(my famous motto) xx

@Ctenn Hi and welcome to the club.


Hi Chloe, hope you are doing ok? I'm also new here with RRMS. Only diagnosed in May 2022 and waiting to start treatment. Saw the MS nurse today for the first time D Deciding between tecfidera or ocrevus. Mine also presented originally with optic neuritis so partial sight loss and I have a 3yr and 18m old so it's been challenging to say the least! It's reassuring that you don't have too many symptoms 2 years on- I'm keen to start treatment to try and prevent anything further happening, I know we are all different but I live in hope! Which treatment did you choose and how are you finding it? And 'it is what it is' also seems to be my mantra these days! xx