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Alcohol tolerance/plegridy.

I have been quite a binge drinker since the age of 16 (going out at weekends etc) and last few years I guess me and my wife will have a bottle of wine each a few times a week. I got diagnosed with ms last year but generally haven’t had too many problems apart from health anxiety. This week on 2 separate occasions Iv had half a can of beer and almost feel wasted! I have been on plegridy for 5 months with no problems. I’m really worried something in my body had gone wrong as I shouldn’t be intolerant to literally a few sips of 4% beer?! Is there any correlation to ms and alcohol? Anyone found anything like this?

Hi @blagaman182! Omg I was just talking to my mom about this ( I was also a party head at a young age). It happens to me as well and it is to the point where I stay away from hard liquor and def. don't mix haha I know for me it would happen because the days of going out every weekend & the way I would drink has ended + I changed my diet when I was diagnosed so I would feel it more now. I feel like that could have something to do with it. Can't hang anymore! haha