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Profile photo???

How can I place a profile photo up On the iphone?

I meant to say from my iphone.


OK, from the start:- 1. You need to access your profile. This will display as an option when you point to where the picture will be displayed, at the top left, to the left of the "Hi, Anawith1n" salutation. So, select "My Profile" 2. Select "change avatar" 3. Then further down the page is an option to "upload Image", although you need to select "Choose file" first to select the required image file. NOTE: The image file may need to be modified prior to upload. Make sure:- 1. The image is cropped into a square. It doesn’t have to be an exact square, but close-ish; and 2. The image size is reduced to 150 pixels x 150 pixels. The upload process should be able to handle an image prepared in that way. 4. When the image is displayed, stretch the crop handles, to create the image that you like. If you’re unable to modify your image file, I’ll gladly do that for you. E-mail it to me ([email protected]), I’ll amend it and return it to you to upload.